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The Elegance of Travel With Handmade Trunks

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History, Heritage, Tradition and Passion for Silver since 1948.

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The story of The Silver Room began with an aspiration of being purveyors of the world’s most renowned brands that have built their reputation of classical style and quality over centuries.

Our brands Moser, Greggio, Globe-Trotter, Linari and Kahla are legends recognized for their art value, craftsmanship, sheer genius and production values.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our eclectic collection of brands. Buy Lead Free Crystal products, Articles and Trunks online that adds to betterment of lifestyle and environment.

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Handmade Products

Precision, craft and an obsession with perfection are the attributes of the brands at Silver Room. Every piece we stock has been initiated by exceptional world class talent who never gave up their belief of fine art. And generations that came after completely dedicated in keeping alive the original fervour.

GLOBE-TROTTER leather suitcases with the epitome of the luxury spirit. Unique in character, improved with age, inspiring a strong sense of personality.

GREGGIO Silver only strokes of genius can craft. Shining with blazing emblems of handmade that analyses combinations of newer materials with silver and evolving to newer avenues of craftsmanship.

MOSER Crystal creations that challenges the greatest works of art with expertise culled from a century and more. Unique, beautiful and enchanting they have created quite a rush in the hallways of the royal and the elite.

LINARI, the finest fragrances from soaps, perfumes, joss sticks packaged and presented to the world in an exhilarating fashion. Gleaning through some of the most exotic elements that enrapture, amaze and captivate.