From one kg of silver in a silversmith shop in Padua, a city in Northern Italy, to Europe’s biggest and most distinguished silverware icon. At 14 years of age, Rino Greggio entered as an apprentice in a silversmith’s workshop in Padua. There he learnt the secrets of this ancient trade. After the war, with 21liras from the sale of his bicycle, he purchased 1 kg of silver. Rino Greggio founded his company, Greggio, in 1948 to craft high-quality silver-plated objects. As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of silverware, Greggio is internationally renowned for its exquisite products, sought after for the purity of their lines and volumes, harmonious forms, and care for refined details.

At the core of its philosophy is a balance between classical proportions and modern sensitivity. Constantly striving for innovation, Greggio has its own research and development center to devise new crafting techniques.

Silver Cutlery and Scented Candles

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