Moser Crystal Products and Vases

It was more than 160 years ago that gifted Czech engraver Ludwig Moser breathed life into Moser crystal and in doing so enchanted the world. From the very beginning, he worked with traditional glassmaking technology, but it was above all his talent and art that gave the collections their uniqueness and beauty. Since that time, Moser crystal has been ever-present at royal weddings and gatherings of the political elite and has been sought after by people with refined taste. Take a look at what makes this traditional Czech brand unique throughout the world. Moser crystals have such a unique design that they are pretty rare and exclusive. These crystals are made with perfection and delicate handling in mind and are also lead-free. These elusive Moser crystal vases are now available online in India only with Silver Room!

Silver room has the best selection of Moser crystal products online and offline in the city, which occasionally include Glass Set, trotter, Crystal Vases to name a few and also has the biggest selection of both traditional and modern designs, although the latter tend to be gaudy.